Best e-cigarette brands

For the most part, experienced vapers have no trouble navigating their way through the many choices one faces when using electronic cigarettes. They understand things like variable voltage, mods, tanks, e-liquids, and can find what they need regardless of where they shop.

E-liquid flavorsUnfortunately, this is not the case for new vapers, who can often feel quite lost. In face, when I was thinking of making the switch from tobacco products to e-cigs, one thing that made me hesitate was how complicated e-cigarettes seemed to be. With that said, here are some great brands to consider if you are new to e-cigarettes. They all offer newbie-friendly starter kits that can get you on the right track quickly.

1. Halo Cigs
This company offers great batteries that offer a really long time, and their cartomizers are among the best I’ve ever used. Despite all this, the price of Halo products are very reasonable. Halo offers Ego batteries in addition to their standard G6 batteries.

2. White Cloud
Another great company that offers a lot of small batteries, which are the easiest kind of batteries to transition to when you are a new vaper. White Cloud currently offers 3 types of e-cigarette batteries that all offer a good amount of vaping time. High-quality, Disposable Fling e-cigarettes are also available.

3. Eversmoke
This isn’t the cheapest e-cigarette brand, but the quality of the products are second to none. Their products look slick and they are easy to use as well. They also have a home delivery program that can save you 20% if you become a member.

You may or may not want to stick with these brands after you gain some experience using e-cigarettes. But until you reach that point, we all need to start somewhere. If you are a new user, I believe these are some of the top companies you should purchase your kits and accessories from.